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Chapala has become a tourist paradise in Mexico do to the beauty of its landscapes, local cuisine, but mostly because the lake is surrounded by typical Mexican towns.

In addition, the destination is nominated by National Geographic as the second best climate in the world.

Temperatures here are quite pleasant throughout the year, and even better, without extreme highs and lows with temperatures means the 70 and 80 F.

Lake Chapala offers endless opportunities for recreation throughout the year and leisure activities for residents and visitors.

Walking the boardwalk, hiking, sailing, water skiing, golf, tennis and horseback riding, among others.


Lake Chapala tourismLake Chapala, the largest in Mexico, is a nature reserve protected by RAMSAR .

Visitors find approximate an area of ​​114 600 hectares is located between the states of Jalisco, which includes 86 percent of the lake’s surface, and Michoacan, containing the remaining 14%.

The lake Chapala is 80 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide. Chapala is located 80 km south of Guadalajara.

On the lake shore you will find rows of stalls, street markets, galleries, and shops in the area.

Antiques, furniture, tapestries, glassware, lamps, wrought iron furniture, masks, pottery, jewelry, art and crafts of all kinds are sold here.

In fact, the Lake Chapala area is fast becoming the craft vendors.


Along the lake there are several towns such as Chapala, famous for the production of textiles.

Ajijic with a rustic atmosphere and a unique community of artists.

Chula Vista and San Juan Cosala, known for its spas, beautiful springs and thermal spas.

Lake Chapala Ajijic Area

In this picturesque lake are two islands, one known as the Island of the Scorpions where in addition to the landscape, you can also enjoy delicious local dishes and singing with the mariachis.

The second island known as Mezcala Island or Presidio is a national monument that has magnificent ruins of an ancient fortress where Mexican forces fought against the Spanish Army.


Ajijic is a typical population of the Rivera del Lago.

Village of adobe houses with roofs of corrugated tiles and elegant cottages, cobbled streets, a beach with a pier and plenty of shops handscrafts.

There are beautiful views of the lake in Ajijic and one of the best climates in the world.

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