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Guachimontones Rounded Pyramids

rounded pyramids, guadalajara, Guachimotones
Guachimontones Rouded Pyramids

Experience a lost civilization in western Mexico near Guadalajara. During our one day excursion to Teuchitlan visitors will tour an archaeologic site built between 700 BC and 400 BC during the formation of Mexico´s great civilizations.

At the museum Phil Weigand Guachimontones Interpretative Center (included) experiment several aspects of this advanced civilization: agriculture, environment, architecture, social, and political. Your senses are stimulated through permanent exhibits that reconstruct the history of the Teuchitla Tradition.


Teuchitlan civilization practiced despute solving by an ancient ball game since the largest ball game court of its time is built on site.

The game consist of hitting the ball with their hips until the opposite side was reached. When a team stopped the ball, the other team received points.

Your professional licenced tour guide will describe the architectural design of the court and how the players tried to take advantage of it during the game that is stil played in other regions of Mexico.

Guachimontones rounded pyramids are unique in their design with rounded concentric circles apparently placed at random a platform high on a hill.

It is different from other Mesoamerican cultures who workshiped the God of Wind as part of their religious ceremonies in that circular buildings oversee plazas enclosed by rectangular platforms that served as seats for the priviledged rulers.

A flyer´s pole located in the center of the ceremonial building attracted everyones devotion.

UNESCO´s recent declaration of protected site is attracting visitor from all over the world to this newly open historic religious complex.

Activities: What to see during tour to the pyramids scenic drive, sugar cane fields, birding, hiking, cultural tourism, ancient civilations, Explore and Adventure, unique local gastronomy, fixed trails.
Duration: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Inclusions: Professional Certified English speaking Guide, A/C Transportation, Admission fees.

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Why us in Panoramex tours ?

Our founder Gustavo  Melor has been helping develope the Teuchitlan area in the last 14 years.

Since the initial excavations, groups of international visitors, curious and  scolars have been supporting with donations of $2 US dollars or more on every visit to continue with this proyect.

Mr. Melor also has contributed as volanteer transporting television crews to the site, lobbing to better take care of local flora and fauna using Sustainable Guadalajara foundation etc.

At the present our goal this 2019 is to raise enough funds to translate documentaries to several languages to be shown in Europe to different audiences.

A portion of your tour price will help achieve our goal at Friends of Guachimontones.

LOS GUACHIMONTONES UAG Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara

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  1. Gracias a la UAG por la creación y difusión de este video.
    Me ha impresionado la falta de información veráz acerca de este sitio, no hay datos que describan el verdadero orígen de este sitio y el porqué de las construcciones, no me extraña que el INAH, federal y estatal, oculte información.
    El cuento del juego de pelota, quien se lo creé?, me gustaría ver a los arqueólogos jugarlo con una pelota sólida de caucho.

  2. claro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, el INAH trabaja bajo ordenes de USA y sus aliados, por ello el 99% de las investigaciones son dirigidas por extranjeros, el INAH es dirigido por traidores, y se oculta informacion….

  3. ay Andres… no se si el 99% de las investigaciones del INAH sean dirigidas por USA y sus aliados (necesitarias aportar pruebas), pero sobre 2 cosas que dices en tu primer comentario:

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