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Guadalajara story

Guadalajara Story

Guadalajara Story as a local I have this story of three characters with whom I shared their vision of what their places of Guadalajara should be. Where to taste, enjoy and experience the city. Through their stories I rediscovered my city. It is the main reazon I share the following few words and to draw routes on it.

Guadalajara tourist services
In Guadalajara City

Nine years ago I hopped in a cab in Mexico city, the taxi driver, recognize myself as Tapatio, told me how they go to Guadalajara every year in their holiday travel.

With great detail informed me the precise route to get from the capital to the Mercado de San Juan de Dios, with a labyrinthine references told me where he bought the best fruit, peanuts, reeds, cakes, the best market and other rubbish. Hence, his bocho already loaded, your perfect plan was to go into the forest where Spring camping was a full week before his return to the capital.

The following story is recent, during the International Film Festival of Guadalajara I had the opportunity to meet a chef from San Miguel de Allende, she was involved in catering in films and despite the bustle characteristic of such Festival, told me that under no circumstances would stop taking time for specific orders of his family, including list panelas tanned, semes, chiles de arbol (peper), salty bread (birotes), agave syrup and more. When I asked where they planned to buy everything, the answer was clear and firm: “The Crown Market” Mercado Corona.

And finally, while I know and hear the stories of Don Enrique, a model 40, tapatío who loves to talk of the best things in life and his city. From what he heard that there was nothing like the steak tartare which was prepared in French Circle certainly legendary place full of memories, dances, dinners and parties for many generations in Guadalajara. For he also got to go to the Union Nevería a week before it closed, ready to try their classic lime and apple pie or pecan. Rediscovered the chicken from the German in the center and much, much more.

Every day without fail Enrique started his day at Cafe D’Val, the barista, the waitresses, the cashier greet you by name, you just get to go see him preparing his usual coffee in the bar instead Alex and Miguel express “more for Enrique now?”, sometimes ordering a scone, always read the newspaper says with co-chair and goes to smoke his cigar.

Something fascinating pace and customs is a list in a hard plastic cover that jealously guards in the briefcase, in it are the names of 10 bars or restaurants where every Friday, without fail, get together with friends to eat and have fun. So he enjoys his city, his whims, his greetings and everyday meals.

What if you assume the role of any of these three characters? Imagine yourself as a local tourist, marveling at their steps already taken and those still lacks give, or a cook who dares to look at each market the ingredients secret recipes of your family, or simply as Don Enrique, make our all those places where you eat and feel at home.

by the way I am still a tour guide.

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