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Guadalajara Tour


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Guadalajara Tour

The city of Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco, and is undoubtedly one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico because it’s a great modern metropolis steeped in the traditional Mexican flavor. It is no coincidence that it was voted the best city to live in our country and that is their optimal location, connectivity, climate and vast infrastructure are compelling reasons to enjoy it.

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Knowing the essence of The City of Roses leisurely stroll through its center and vicinity; places contradict the past and present, which gives it a special identity that has been forged and reinvents this city still aptly named “The Pearl of West ”

For its cultural wealth, Pearl of the West, (the second largest city in Mexico) was recognized in 2005 as the American Capital of Culture.

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Guadalajara Down Town Tour
Degollado theater at night in Guadalajara
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Guadalajara Traditions
Guadalajara tour
Tapatio Plaza in Guadalajara Tuorist Places

If your idea is to plan a trip so that activities are carried out for a specific purpose and that meet the interests of travelers (in this case within our range of cultural tourism) led by an expert guide. The itinerary is complemented with recreational activities and visits to tourist attractions, allowing us to provide well balanced and tours that allow our customers to get in touch with the local lifestyle. Our routes are planned from cultural management and not from the common perspective of tour operators that offer preset routes that are more profitable without taking into account the objectives of each visitor travel.

The craft is one of the ways that people have to tell their story and show your creativity, making it a true and genuine cultural event. This tour is conducted in two municipalities surrounding The City of Roses typical handicrafts and provincial folklore, so that you can experience the creative process of artisans and surprised with the final products of their wonderful work.

Guadalajara Tour

Walking hand in hand with an art expert popular these cultural sites, knowing the different processing techniques that work with blacksmithing, jewelry, glassware, pottery, woodwork and local sculpture.

Places to visit: Historic Downtown, Tonala and Tlaquepaque.
Duration: 8 hours.
Day tour price: USD

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This sightseeing offers the traditional tianguis Tonala Mexico’s most famous and probably one of the oldest, and that was the point where they meet traditional artisans in ancient times.

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  1. I would highly recommend we had a very enjoyable time seeing the city and hope to return soon. thanks so much for your help!

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