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Tequila Express or Jose Cuervo Express???

If you are confused about what Tequila train is best for you read on. There are several differences between Jose Cuervo Express and Tequila Express Train.   Enjoy  the aromas, colors and history that surround this spirited drink. Make it a fun and educational experience.

For many of us in Mexico a train ride to Amatitan or to Tequila in the state of Jalisco is a journey to the past.  Nostalgic memories we keep from the not so distant past.   Regular passenger trains stopped covering the country in end of last century.

Over the past 150 years, the railways have been involved in the formation and development of modern Mexico. Besides its enormous economic and social contribution, this transport has generated an inseparable historical and cultural heritage, as part of a national collective memory.

After 14 years the train again has gone to work with Tequila Express staring in 2005.  This Tequila experience used to be on a train but nowadays takes place on a bus.  It is the same quality of service, same attractions as before but on a Bus.

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in now enriched by Cuervo Tequila Express,  responsible for dusting the tracks further west of Guadalajara making this magical town another option for a memorable vacation.  

Several train carts brought from Europe had to be adopted to fit Mexico rail tracks.

Tequila Tour
A girl waiting for the Express Train to Tequila

The trains will return in the afternoon after about 60 kilometers, just for visitors to admire the sunset over the green landscape full of blue agave plants.  


For two hours commuting enjoyed every one of the exclusive cars including the bar, dining room and the VIP, where delicious snacks are offered Mexican, margaritas and a variety of distinctive cocktails.

At Tequila Town enjoyed the tour of the distillery’s RojeƱa, the oldest in Latin America, where we learned the history of tequila, from agave jima up an experience for the senses in an unrivaled professional tasting tequila.

Traveling from Guadalajara to Tequila


You can also participate in an incredible journey through the agave fields nestled a few miles from the Tequila volcano, whose explosion 22,000 years ago, gave the land the minerals that make possible the sweet flavor of the blue agave type, known as “tequilana weber “.

There, in the midst of red earth and black obsidian stones, the jimadores (farmers) waiting patiently for agaves are 12 or 13 years and reach maturity to be processed. 

Once the blue agave plant is ripe, cut their long fronds (leaves) edged up to leave a huge ball that resembles a pineapple, the interior sugars will need to be cooked to be transformed into sugars,  after distillation process occurs, ancestral concoction that has brought fame to Mexico.


Move to the center of the town of Amatitan, the birthplace of the renowned drink, involves being seduced by the more than 35 000 hectares of agave fields that populate the nearby hills and the villages surrounding environment where tranquility reigns and the colorful houses.

The distillery hacienda San Jose del Refugio, whose building dates to the colonial times was a hacienda and a library, retains traditional ovens for baking the agave and stills (containers) where tequila is produced since the XVII Century.

Equally ancient are the cellars, there are between the white oak and French oak a pleasant aroma that blends essences of chocolate, wood and alcohols, emanating from the tequila that is aged and rest there for a few years.

The treasure of both haciendas is definitely in the cellar, under a dim light that stores the “jugs”, small glass bottles that hold the tequila produced between 1800 and 1900, the taste of which have only tried a few.

The mariachi, always present in these lands, is the finale of a visit to the past, a history that began in pre-Hispanic times, when, according to legend, an agave lightning fire, with the goddess Mayahuel Tequila discovered , the Mexican drink that has swept the world.


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