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See the Tapatio City historical center before moving on to Tonala and Tlaquepaque for a great treat with mariachi music at the end of the day.

Knowing the essence of Guadalajara leisurely is to stroll through its city center and vicinity; places contradict the past and present, which gives it a special identity that has been forged and reinvents this city still aptly named “The Pearl of West “. Tonala Mexico Guadalajara TourArts and craft is one of the ways that people have to tell their story and show your creativity, making it a true and genuine cultural event. This tour is conducted in two municipalities surrounding This Capital City of Jalisco State  typical handicrafts and provincial folklore, so that you can experience the creative process of artisans and be surprised with the final outcome of their wonderful work. Walking hand in hand with an art expert on popular cultural sites, knowing the different processing techniques that work with blacksmithing, jewelry, glassware, pottery, woodwork and local sculpture.

Places to visit: Guadalajara, Tonala and Tlaquepaque

Duration: 8 hours

Tour Price: USD

Arts and crafts Guadalajara Mexico
Guadalajara Tlaquepaque Galleries Arts and Crafts

Guadalajara is the capital city of the State of Jalisco in Mexico . ” The Pearl of the West ” is the affectionate name Tapatios ( local residents) have called the second city of Mexico ( Mexico City only is bigger ), which is 483 years old and has five million inhabitants . Located in the center – west of the country , in the State of Jalisco (the state capital) , this serenely beautiful and majestic colonial city situated on a plateau over 5,000 meters above sea level. Blessed with an ideal climate and a convenient location for most of what Mexico has to offer , the city and surrounding area has attracted many American and Canadian expatriates . It is a city of parks and fountains , monuments and avenues lined with roses, a city full of color, especially in the flowers that bloom almost all year . Jacarandas bloom in the spring , ethereal trees line many streets and are an impressive sight , and the brand new Eve flower blooming in December , giving the city a Christmas flavor !

Guadalajara in Jalisco

Guadalajara was founded in 1542 by the Spanish conquistador Nuno de Guzman , and although modern , yet retains much of its colonial charm with its many 17th century buildings in the old city center , the influence of NAFTA has brought many international companies here , both for the quality of life offered by the city , as well as its strategic location. At first glance , Guadalajara seems to avoid the obvious tourist traps in some other Mexican cities, which may explain its charm. It’s a fine city , which is not known for its nightlife, but there is much to see and do .

Guadalajara city is well connected, to say the least – just three hours drive from the Pacific coastal cities in Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo on the new toll road . And from here you can easily connect to other colonial cities , most in easy driving distances and some even by air. And with the opening of the highway in the city of Guadalajara , Mexico , is only four hours from Mexico City , linking these two important cities like never before. And this connection is reflected in the culture and sophistication of Guadalajara , with its tree-lined avenues , beautiful city parks , great hotels , plazas , shopping malls, museums , restaurants , art centers , the Teatro Degollado (home of the Philharmonic Orchestra Jalisco ), beautiful old churches, universities and large interesting markets , all of which are filled his days with the unforgettable sights and sounds of Mexico , and of course, on a scale larger than any of the smaller colonial cities .

Guadalajara in Mexico

The seven blocks long and the Cathedral Square Tapatía dominate the city center . The square is pedestrian paradise of colonial architecture , fountains, sculptures , ancient and modern , shops and a museum. In the west end of the square is the ” first block ” of the city, which includes not only the place where the city was founded in the 16th century , but the cathedral and four seats that extend in a cross . Most of Guadalajara grand colonial buildings facing these places . Opposite the cathedral is Plaza Guadalajara , which is full of laurel trees and has a fountain with the seal of the state of Jalisco. The southern arm of the cross is the Plaza de Armas , with its wrought iron stand Victorian lace , where locals gather for band concerts on Thursday and Sunday nights . The park is behind the cathedral is the Liberation Square , dedicated to the heroes of the independence of Mexico , and its center is a statue of Father Hidalgo , the father of the independence movement . At both ends are beautiful fountains, and the whole place is surrounded by flowers . To the north is the Piazza della Rotonda , whose center contains a circular group of columns set in a garden in honor of Illustrious Jalisco . A series of life-size statues in bronze skirt park.


The name comes from the Arabic word Guadalajara or Wad- al- Arab jidara , which means “river of stones ” . Tapatios are friendly and proud of their beautiful city , eager to introduce visitors to its beauty and charm. It features craft nearby cities of Tlaquepaque and Tonala , where some major Mexico artisans ply their trades , producing some of the most beautiful and unique found anywhere. The city has long been a haven for many North American retirees , and thousands of Americans and Canadians living in the nearby towns of Chapala and Ajijic , on the shores of the largest inland body of water Mexico , Lake Chapala , which is only 45 minutes drive from the city and well worth a visit. A visit to the nearby tequila distilleries plantations and also makes a great side trip . In the town of Tequila Jalisco , you can tour the haciendas of the major distilleries Casa Cuervo and Sauza tequila , to see how is the national drink . Tequila Herradura , another major distiller , is headquartered in the city of Amatitlan, between Guadalajara and Tequila , and the Hacienda San Jose del Refugio , you can take a train ride one day that includes tequila Tequila – tasting on board , mariachi music , folk dancing and traditional food from the region. The Tequila Express leaves the train station at 11 am and returns at approximately 20:00 .

Guadalajara can easily be the focal point of an entire vacation in Mexico . It is ideal for those who want to leave the beaten track , however , expect good hotels and a comfortable life.

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