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Lake Chapala and Ajijic

A favorite destination weekend near Guadalajara is Lake Chapala , in the surrounding picturesque villages sit where you can enjoy beautiful scenery , delicious food , and other places of interest to visit.

Among the most visited sites are the picturesque towns of Ajijic , Jocotepec , San Juan Cosalá and of course Chapala.

Lake Chapala

Due to its proximity to the city of Guadalajara and pleasant climate , Chapala has been a major tourist destination since the nineteenth century . At that time the town ‘s lake was constantly visited by President Porfirio Diaz and was the first American tourists who settled around Lake Chapala .

Lake Chapala Ajijic tourism
View of Ajijic by Chapala lake

With its 1.112 km2, this lake is one of the most splendid manifestations with which nature endowed the state of Jalisco. In the fifties found a good development for tourism in the region. It is the favorite place of some Americans and Canadians who have developed colonies of retirement on the shores of the lake, which has significantly enriched the cultural wealth of the region.

Lake Chapala Tour

Delve into the heart of the lake and learn about the culture of the people around you, enjoy art and gastronomy product of its inhabitants.

Places to visit: Lake Chapala. Ajijic,
Duration: 8 hrs.
Distance from Guadalajara: 50 km. approx.

Lake Chapala has a total capacity of approximately 8,000 million cubic meters (Mm3), so it represents the main source of drinking water in the Guadalajara metropolitan area, it contributes 60% of the water that comes to town .

This island is famous because in time of Independence, was headquarters of the Indians and the Spanish insurgents were never able to set foot on it. Then it became prison and that is why it historical fame.

The Chapala Malecon is a showcase for crafts from various latitudes of the country and the local cuisine. Has a kilometer long and a wharf of 130 meters long, where embark and disembark the boats that offer tours of all the banks.

Activity: Visit panoramic Chapala Malecon and La Floresta, beautiful residential area at the entrance to Ajijic, characterized by its rustic Mexican architecture

Lake Chapala

By opening up to foreign investment by the President of Mexico , in the last decade of the nineteenth century were built the first summer houses or farms . During the tour of Chapala visit these places that are distinguished by their French-style architecture of the Porfirian era .

Currently beautiful farms have become government buildings , restaurants , hotels and municipal government offices . Chapala like other coastal towns have become interesting communities retirement destinations for Americans and Canadians.
One of the handiest places by tourists is the Malecon in Chapala . This sightseeing tour offers visitors a nice quiet runner with a magnificent panoramic view . Heavy rains this time the lagoon completely filled leaving a majestic view of the lake and surrounding mountains.

In the spring you can hire boat rides. Most visit Mescala Island or the Island of the Scorpion . The history of the Island is very important Mescala , your professional tour guide will tell his interesting history dating back to pre-Hispanic times .

The tourism in the Chapala Rivera is varied. Tourists can go mountain biking and water sports like microlight flights , kayaking or jet Sky . Extreme sports like paragliding prepare you to enjoy the multiple variety of Spas specialize in the best places in the area. Other activities that may be performed include horseback riding through the cobbled streets of the Forest . While enjoying the Chapala typical ice cream rediscovers the art of walking by the Lighthouse or visit Christiania Park.

Chapala offers visitors a rich and varied cuisine. In his Acapulquito ¨ ¨ gastronomic corridor can enjoy delicious seafood at very affordable prices . Be sure to try the traditional chili golden chubs . And to break the diet can enjoy a carafe snow on the main square or spend a pleasant evening in the Restaurant Beer Garden place made ​​famous concerts Mickey multiple Laure.
A tour of the town of Chapala recalls the splendor of Mexico to reach its centenary , especially if we go to old train station is now a cultural center . But Chapala has yet to rescue corners , as the House of Luis Barragan, who built the famous Mexican architect in 1931 and is considered one of his most significant.

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Lake Chapala Tour


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