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Is Tequila from Mexico?

Is Tequila from Mexico?

Is Tequila from Mexico? Tequila is one of the icons of Mexico and specifically from the central part of Mexico in the state of Jalisco near Guadalajara City. This ¨Mezcal wine¨ has been distilled since the times of Christ according to several researchers and archaeologists from the UNAM national university. Today this spirited drink is being exported to all the countries in the world and becoming the most popular drink in Asia prepared as several mixed cocktails or margaritas.

Obsession to the origin by visiting Mexico’s Tequila Trail, an area outside of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico. While the region has been populated since the beginning of our time, the growing popularity of the distilled drink in the world has created a boom in both production and more visitor friendly distillery tastings and tours. You may associate the drink with quick and dirty shots chased with a sprinkle of salt and a wedge of lime, formal  tastings and food pairings focus on the subtle nuances found in the flavor of finer brands. Want in on the action? Here’s an option to exploring the Route.

Tourist Tequila trail near Guadalajara Mexico
Tequila trail in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

Is Tequila from Mexico?

The Tequila Route is home to some of the world’s most recognized tequila distilleries, and if you want to pay them a visit your best bet is to fly into Guadalajara, about an hour southeast of the region. The fastest and easiest way to see the region is to hop aboard the Tequila Express, a train that transports passengers through the desert landscape of the agave countryside. On board, mariachi bands dressed in traditional regalia serenade passengers to and from the town of Amatitán. There, you’ll visit San José del Refugio Hacienda where Herradura Tequila has been produced since 1869.  For tours of the new and old factories, a tequila tasting and a dinner featuring local cuisine and mariachi music. The fiesta ends only when you get off the train back in Guadalajara by the end of the day.

Cellar at Tequila Tour
Reserva  Cellar at tequila experience

Hire an English Speaking tour Guide in Guadalajara and explore your way to the town of Tequila Jalisco. Distilleries are scattered throughout the region, both boutique and big names. During your expedition to the land by the Sierra Madre your guide will recommend a restaurant and areas that even hosts weddings on occasion. From there you can tour the La Rojeña distillery, the oldest distillery plant. Your tour guide will arrange your tour that can also include a visit to a room where the brand’s most exclusive brand —Reserva de la Familia—is aged.

At the Herradura distillery, tours begin by assisting a traditional jimador—a Mexican farmer in charge of harvesting the agave plant. Afterward, you’ll witness the entire tequila making process, from milling and fermentation to distillation and bottling. Once the tour is finished, taste the product itself inside La Quinta, a set of buildings with traditional Mexican architecture flanked by fountains and lush landscaping.

Tour Tequila

For perhaps the most enriching Tequila Trail experience is with a Tour guide from Panoramex.  There are more than 120 distilleries to choose from some of which holds a special night tour (including dinner) for three or more people every day of the week. The distillery has an attached boutique hotel with rooms, all of which are located next to the agave plants on the property.  There are a few hotels to choose from for an excellent option in town. The small hotels features traditional Mexican architecture and decor, an outdoor pool and even a spa built in an old granary.

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