Tourist Tequila trail near Guadalajara Mexico

Premium Tequila Experience

If you’re looking for a premim Experience rather than a regular tour (i.e., not the train) but don’t have a car, then consider taking a tour from Guadalajara

Tourist Tequila trail near Guadalajara Mexico
Tequila trail in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

This tour includes round-trip transportation from your hotel/private address or Airbnb, includes time in the town, two distillery tours and premium tequila tastings.

Premium Crafted Tequila Experience

Savoring unique dishes straight out of Mexican folklore and sipping craft Tequilas in some of the world’s most exclusive spirit-producing regions sounds like an experience

Panoramex is offering its own exclusive tour across the agave fields of the UNESCO-designated Tequila region

We will explore the beautiful blue agave fields, a cultural legacy of Mexico to the world. Small family-run distilleries, where you can interact with the owners and tequila masters who make the tequila.

Tequila city, a rich and colorful place where tradition, history, culture and the people who give life to our emblematic drink.

Tastemakers and tequila makers alike will gather together to sip and swirl top shelf and rare tequila offerings from our illustrious tequila partners. Enjoy a casual and comfortable environment as you learn about agave, the methods and secrets behind tequila making.

Premium Crafted Tequila Experience takes participants on an exclusive trip down the historic timeline of the Tequila Trail, providing in-depth understanding of the different regions that cultivate Tequila, the history of this iconic Mexican spirit and its importance in the local, national and international economies.

Premium Tequila Experience
Premium Tequila Experience

Premium Tequila Experience

Participants will be able to mingle with locals, and shop for unique Mexican works of art, both folk and fine, all while sipping limited edition crafted tequilas directly from distilleries that embody the traditional to modern styles of manufacturing.

Highlights include visits to Cava de Oro and Tren Toños craft distilleries as well as hacienda of Jose Cuervo, where participants taste their own Reserva de la Familia and enjoy a tasting in the property.

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